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Game of Signs Episode 4: would you eat here?

We collect signs because it’s fun to analyze them—a mini exercise in clarity. It turns out making a clear sign is not so easy. We’ll post ones we find every so often. But keep your eyes peeled—send us ones you find, and we can write them into our blog.

Credit for this sign goes to the Grammer Vandal blog

Lonely Beach Resort Sign

These quotation marks bring into question exactly how clean the restaurant is. In fact, misuse of quotation marks is so common, there’s an entire blog on them. Stay tuned—and send us pictures of examples.

The verdict on the eats? The Grammar Vandal blog says, “The food was forgettable, but the bathroom was gloriously clean.”

One last fun detail is that “restaurant” has a capital letter. Perhaps this is following the Winnie-the-Pooh rules of capitalizing, in which you capitalize anything you especially like. 😀