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Welcome to our round table blog! The antidote to writing in isolation at work

Writers are used to writing in isolation
We teach many workshops across many industries, and we notice that writing is too often a solitary act. And not an easy one at that. Writers struggle to produce documents, often without tools to make the process better and without a sense of confidence about being on the right track. In short, writing at work generally produces this feeling:


Writers can thrive and get stronger with a bit more collaboration
Writers going it alone is harder on them and produces less clear documents. Different brains work in different ways, so we actually benefit from and need each other. A single writer has limits, but if they get input from a second person, suddenly the document jumps in quality with a fraction of the effort. Sharing the process like that can even be fun ;).

Let’s break the cycle of isolation!
For those of you who have taken our workshops, you know we do things differently. We’d like to give you a taste of that here. The purpose of this blog is to create that same feeling of collaboration that we build in workshops.

Help us create a community

Let’s remind each other what writing can be: smooth, enjoyable, and a way to effect change in the world. It matters.

We leave you with a challenge
What would it be like to “write” less in your documents but “talk” more? So rather than sitting down to “write” a document, reframe the process. Think in terms of talking. Try:

Let us know how it goes!

Until next time…