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Level up your skills

Our coaching gives you an accurate reflection of where you stand

Think of it as a very good conversation with someone with expertise and a fresh perspective. We point out the things you’re already getting right, so you don’t need to agonize over them. We also give you guidance in specific areas you can improve. But we don’t just leave you to figure it out—we teach you specific and practical tools, so you have a clear path forward.

How we coach makes all the difference

The way we coach is deeply orienting to people. It is respectful, constructive, and collegial. And writers leave feeling excited and inspired about what to do next.

Did you know...
Employees are 60x more engaged when they receive feedback on their strengths? In contrast, managers who don’t give employees feedback fail to engage them 98% of the time. More engaged employees are nearly twice as successful (in sales, customer satisfaction, productivity, profitability). This means coaching affects much more than you might think.

What people say about our feedback and coaching

“I appreciated the feedback very much—it was extremely helpful and will impact my work in a very positive way. I appreciated how well you understood the context of what I was writing and tailored the feedback to it.” –From a provincial ministry

“Excellent! I appreciate the positive feedback and clear areas to improve. I found it very valuable.” –From a federal regulatory body

“The feedback was excellent. The one-on-one session was very focused and gave me comments I can use to edit the document now. The feedback was respectful (and positive!). It was a great opportunity to have a skilled, professional editor look at my writing.” –From a municipal police force

“As I read the feedback, I came to realize that I have not received any comments since university. This is so valuable.” –From a provincial health organization

What we do when you hire us to coach

Wordsmith coaches individuals or small groups in specific skills or supports them to work on specific documents. You explain what you need, and we build a short program to accomplish it. We don’t use stock materials—we craft everything around the documents you’re working on.

Our approach is flexible and responsive. We adapt to what you or your team need. We can:

Getting feedback on a specific document

Our document feedback is personalized to both the writer and their type of writing. We read your documents with great care, point out objective and simple principles, and show how exactly to apply them. We also hear from the writer what problems they are trying to solve and offer them practical advice.

We always include lots of input on what people are doing well, because in the usual back and forth of document production, most writers only receive edits or criticism. This distorts their perspective on their own work (and contributes to not enjoying the process much). Our job is to help make the writer’s life easier. They leave saying, “I can’t wait to go apply this”.

Document feedback is built into many of our workshops

We give this feedback in many of our workshops. Each participant sends examples of their writing to us and gets individualized written feedback, plus a meeting to discuss it. We do this because it’s very effective (and quite fun) to learn while looking at your own work-related writing.

You can use our coaching to:

Next steps

If you’re interested in learning more, email us at info@wordsmith.ca. We offer discounted rates for not‐for‐profit organizations and special circumstances.