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Unique training to meet your needs

Almost all our courses are customized—with meaningful exercises that are specific to your work. People learn and retain information far better using this approach 😀.

We adapt our content to fit your organization and writers

You tell us your goals for the workshop, including whatever struggles you’d like us to help with. You give us background on the documents you write and your readers, as well as tell us what you know about your group’s strengths and weaknesses. We listen carefully. Then we build all this information into a customized approach for your specific group.

We build the course using your own documents

You send us examples of your documents, sometimes several different kinds. We develop our curriculum based on what you write. We add or delete modules as necessary or create new ones for your situation.

We build practical exercises out of your material. For example, we use short before-and-after examples to illustrate key skills and longer exercises to analyze effectiveness and efficiency.

We also customize on the fly

We do a lot of customization live, while we’re actually teaching. As the training proceeds, people start making new connections and think of other topics they’d like us to cover. Our courses are built to respond to those questions on the fly. People leave feeling this training was made just for them—which it was!

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