We train people to write well

Many workplace documents are not clear, purposeful, or efficient. We think it’s because that’s not how people learned to write in school. Instead they learned to write to impress and increase word count.​ Our job is to change that.

We teach writers to be more effective, confident, and productive, which transforms their organizations. We train in a warm, collegial style that participants not only enjoy, but learn better from. We also study the writing culture of each organization we work with and tailor what we do to their documents and goals.

We’ve been training writers for more than 35 years. Our people have backgrounds in law, business, education, English, policy, languages, marketing, and technical writing.

Everyone knows writing is an issue

Few people realize the extent to which it affects every aspect of their work and organization. Even fewer people know how to solve the issue. But we do.

This video summarizes some of our thinking.

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From participants: Good presenters, high expertise, great examples, excellent opportunity for feedback.

From participants: Excellent coverage of key writing concepts.

From participants: Wordsmith’s ability to adjust the content on the fly is impressive.

From participants: Thank you for an amazing course.

From participants: (The training was) practical and informative.

From participants: The very engaging speakers and tailoring of the content to the firm were incredibly helpful.

From participants: Wordsmith has tremendous insight about writing and writing culture.

From participants: Facilitators obviously knew their material. I wish I had taken the course earlier in my career.

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