We can work as hired guns on your documents.

You can use our expertise at any stage of a writing project—even before you start to write. Most commonly, clients ask us to make documents radically more clear.

Each client has a slightly different project, so we adapt to what’s needed. Projects have ranged from a single document to hundreds of pages or hundreds of documents:

Business and educational institutions

  • board reporting
  • credit card and account agreements
  • environmental assessments
  • financial disclosure documents (MD&A)
  • grant applications
  • health content for the public
  • research and technical documents
  • policies and procedures
  • websites
  • compliance and governance documents


  • briefs and factums
  • contracts
  • bylaws
  • expert witness reports

Government and regulators

  • administrative tribunal decisions
  • briefing notes
  • investigation templates
  • policy
  • reports
  • template letters
  • consumer complaint letters
  • decisions


  • grant applications for researchers
  • not-for-profit literature
  • style guides
  • technical reports
  • utility bills

Please contact us if you’d like a time and cost estimate for a project.

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